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Topic: Career Search

From One Parent To Another: How I Balance Parenting and Professional Growth at PwC

By The Mom Project on March 18, 2024

Any parent knows that balancing work and home life isn’t always easy. As the mother of four and a leader at PwC, Talat Mangla knows all too well the...

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Black History Month 2024: Celebrating the Power of Black Moms

By The Mom Project on February 15, 2024

Black History Month is a time for celebration, recognition, and sharing stories of Black excellence. This year, The Smithsonian’s Black History Month

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Standing Out Among the Crowd: The Value of Soft Skills

By The Mom Project on February 5, 2024

Searching for a job involves a lot of time and preparation. Between polishing your resume, brushing up on hard skills, and rehearsing to make a great...

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How to Support Your Employees in the Sandwich Generation

By The Mom Project on January 23, 2024

Many parents in today's workforce find themselves caught between caring for young children while also caring for aging parents. This phenomenon has...

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How to Ace Your Interview: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents

By The Mom Project on January 17, 2024

Interviewing can be intimidating for anyone, but it can be especially nerve-wracking for parents. Getting called for that first interview can stir up...

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RALLY Your Community: Why Mentorship Is Key to Growth

By The Mom Project on December 13, 2023

Navigating career growth and transitions on your own can feel daunting. But with an experienced mentor by your side offering wisdom and support, the...

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Completing Your Talent Profile

By Tiffany Nieslanik on August 29, 2023

You’ve created an account with The Mom Project, but you haven’t taken the time to complete your profile yet. This may not seem like such a big deal,...

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The Essential Interview Guide

By The Mom Project on August 9, 2023

Great work, you’ve landed an interview! Whew. Take a moment to celebrate because this means your resume and cover letter or “Why Me” statement stood...

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Nonverbal Communication During Interviews

By Ashley Ziegler on July 25, 2022

When you’re getting ready for an interview, you know that it’s essential to wear something that’s clean, professional, and reflects your personality....

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3 Questions to Ask at the End of a Job Interview

By Ashley Ziegler on July 6, 2022

It’s hard to say that any part of an interview is more important than another because a lot rides on everything from how you’re dressed to how you...

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