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Topic: Career Search

Add New Skills to Your Resume by Reframing Your Experience

By Kristin Bustamante on April 13, 2021

If you’re feeling stuck in your career search, it’s time to take a close look at the skills you have listed on your resume. Recruiters skim the...

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How to Interview for Short-Term Work

By Kristin Bustamante on April 9, 2021

You’ll often hear us recommend opening your career search up to contract, project-based, maternity coverage or temporary work. While these types of...

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How to Research a Company You’re Interviewing With

By Kristin Bustamante on March 30, 2021

When you’re invited in for an interview with a company, you’re evaluating the company just as much as they’re evaluating you. This is your...

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Rethinking Your Resume to Highlight Your Accomplishments

By Ashley Ziegler on March 25, 2021

A job description is typically formatted as a list of tasks you would be responsible for doing if you were to take the position. A resume, however,...

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How to Talk About a Job You Hated During the Interview Process

By Ashley Ziegler on March 23, 2021

Most people have had a negative job experience at some point in their career, but when you’re asked “why did you decide to leave this job?” during an...

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The Art of Networking

By The Mom Project on March 19, 2021

In this virtual session, host of the Build Your Dream Network podcast Kelly Hoey, discusses one of the most stress-inducing, yet critical components...

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Identifying Ageism in the Career Search (And What to Do About It)

By Kristin Bustamante on March 17, 2021

Even though this statement is padded with a compliment about your experience and abilities, this is one example of ageism in the hiring process....

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Finding Your Fit: Questions to Ask at Each Interview Stage

By Ashley Ziegler on March 11, 2021

After you’ve defined what an ideal position looks like for you, you move into the application stage of the job hunt. Job descriptions and company...

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Didn’t Get the Job? Here’s What to Do Next

By Ashley Ziegler on March 9, 2021

Let’s be honest, each and every time you submit your application to a particular role your hopes are raised that you’ll get the opportunity. And when...

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Completing Your Talent Profile

By Tiffany Nieslanik on March 4, 2021

You’ve created an account with The Mom Project, but you haven’t taken the time to complete your profile yet. This may not seem like such a big deal,...

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