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Topic: Career Search

Re-entering The Workforce After 40

By Ashley Ziegler on September 13, 2021

Every professional career woman knows that taking an extended career pause, no matter the reason, will likely result in a challenging re-entry. It’s...

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Cover Letter Tips for Every Job Seeker

By Ashley Ziegler on September 2, 2021

How many times have you been busy applying to jobs, come across one that sounds amazing, but opted not to apply at that moment because it required a...

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Considering a Career Pivot? These are the Best Jobs & Industries to Go For

By Ashley Ziegler on August 30, 2021

Some people enter an industry or field early in their careers and just thrive and are satisfied to the point where their professional trajectory is...

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How To Share Your Work History In A Compelling Way

By Ashley Ziegler on August 10, 2021

In theory, your resume is a condensed version of your accomplishments and the experience you’ve gained throughout your career. In reality, even with...

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Tailoring Your Resume For Different Jobs

By Ashley Ziegler on August 5, 2021

Drafting, editing, and perfecting a resume is hard enough, and the idea of having to refine it for every single job you apply for is, well, a lot....

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Finding & Landing a WFH Job (Because Remote Work is Here to Stay)

By Ashley Ziegler on August 2, 2021

For many professionals, especially those with kids, remote work is ideal because it often allows for greater flexibility and improved work-life...

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Reading Between The Lines of Job Listing Buzzwords

By Ashley Ziegler on July 15, 2021

You’ve probably read through a lot of job listings throughout your career, so you are well aware of the meanings of words and phrases like “job...

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10 Ways To Relax & Loosen Up Before an Interview

By Ashley Ziegler on July 6, 2021

Regardless of our experience, level of confidence, or even our desire to land the job. We can all probably think of a time when our nerves got the...

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Finding Balance in Your Job Search to Avoid Burnout

By Ashley Ziegler on June 29, 2021

There’s no way to sugarcoat it, job searching is challenging work. There are so many parts to it, and at times it can feel exhausting. Hard as it may...

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Networking as a Freelancer

By Ashley Ziegler on June 28, 2021

Deciding you want to start freelancing is great, but the only way to find success as a freelancer is to get clients, and the easiest way to do that...

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