From One Parent To Another: How I Balance Parenting and Professional Growth at PwC

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Any parent knows that balancing work and home life isn’t always easy. As the mother of four and a leader at PwC, Talat Mangla knows all too well the challenges that come with juggling a growing career and family. Her secret to success? Not being afraid to ask for help and leaning on her network when needed.

It also helps to work for a firm that values its people, and PwC stands out as a leader in investing in their employees. Their supportive culture and commitment to employee growth and development turned what Talat thought was a career starting point into more than a decade-long journey. We spoke with Talat to learn more about how she navigates motherhood and her career, what strategies she recommends for success at home and in the workplace, and why PwC serves as a paragon of family-friendly places to work.

Tell us about your role at PwC and your journey so far.

I began my career in the firm’s Audit Services where I assessed public companies’ financial statements and control environments. I started in our Detroit office, working in the Utilities sector, then moved to Washington, DC to take on new clients and learn new industries. After over ten years in those roles, I was tapped to help reenvision the way our firm audits organizations – how we could improve it, make it more efficient, leverage technology and provide a better experience for our clients and our people. From there, I ended up in a product management role full time where I’ve built multiple tools that are used by thousands of people at PwC and our clients.

And while I was growing my career, I was also growing my family. I am a proud mother of four children, and each addition to my family coincided with a different stage of my journey at PwC. I had my first child when I was a senior associate, followed by my second when I became a manager, my third when I became a senior manager and my youngest after I was promoted to director. My journey at PwC has been rewarding and marked by continuous growth, both professionally and personally.

What led you to choose PwC?

PwC stood out for several reasons. When I was considering my options, PwC being recognized as a ‘best place to launch a career’ immediately caught my attention. While I was interviewing, PwC's commitment to its employees felt unwavering. The firm's emphasis on investing in its people, providing opportunities for growth and development, and fostering a supportive and inclusive culture resonated with my own values and career aspirations. PwC quickly became a place where I could not only launch my career but also thrive and build a long-term professional journey. Looking back, I find it remarkable that what I initially thought would be a starting point in my professional journey has turned into a more than a decade-long career.

As a mom, how do you navigate the responsibilities of your role at PwC and at home?

I’m not afraid to ask for help! For example, I have three kids in sports and when it comes to their activities, I lean on my network. We have carpool schedules with a few other families to lighten the load. My husband and I determine in advance which activities he’s driving kids to versus me. When I have a really busy period at work or unusual hours, it’s all scheduled in our joint calendar so there are clear expectations for my family. Beyond that, I try to distribute the mental load and talk to the people in my life to ask for help — whether that’s meals, laundry, kids or work.

What tips or strategies have you found most helpful when navigating motherhood and your role at PwC?

Prioritization has been key. Setting clear expectations about what is a priority at home and at work has worked well. I figure out which priorities are really important to my family or kids – perhaps I don’t make every practice, but I will be there for every soccer game. When PwC is releasing a product I’m working on or I have travel commitments, I communicate early with my family and plan around it. I live and die by my calendar!

In what ways does PwC support you in managing your daily responsibilities, both professionally and as a mom?

PwC is incredibly supportive. There are many formal benefits like flexible work arrangements and backup child care support. But perhaps more importantly, there’s a deep seated culture of care and compassion. For instance, when someone on my team has a sick kid at home, we move meetings, adjust expectations and do everything we can to support. I also see it with bigger life moments like family members in the hospital or extended time away from work for life events, where my team has stepped up over and over again to be there for each other. It’s the aggregation of all those moments that promotes a culture of understanding and empathy, fostering an environment where working parents feel supported and valued.

Can you share a personal experience or story that highlights the family-friendly support you've received at PwC?

When I had two kids under two, there was a time during busy season where I’d spent very few hours sleeping and was up all night with sick kids. A partner I worked with understood my situation and helped me reschedule our meetings, reaffirming that my family and their health comes first. Perhaps this was a symptom of years of working without kids or intently prioritizing work during busy season, but this was an “aha” moment for me. More recently, one of my parents had a health scare that landed them in the hospital unexpectedly. Without hesitation, my partners and team understood, clearing my schedule so that I could be with my family. I had many partners, team members and even colleagues I don’t work closely with often follow up and ask how I was doing and what they could do to support me.

We’re proud to recognize moms like Talat who are growing their careers while raising their families, and we love hearing more about future-focused organizations like PwC that understand the importance of investing in their most important asset — their people.


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