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Topic: Professional Growth

Reflecting on Your Career Goals This Holiday Season

By Kirsten Squires on December 19, 2023

The end of December is the perfect time to reflect on the year we’re leaving behind and get ready for the new one on the horizon. After months of...

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Refreshing Your Career When You’re Feeling Uninspired

By Ashley Ziegler on June 14, 2022

When you started your job, you were probably so excited about the opportunity and all of the new things you’d get to do in your role. However, as we...

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Employee Reviews: The Different Types & How To Prepare

By Ashley Ziegler on March 30, 2022

Love them or hate them, employee reviews are something most of us have to deal with in some way. They can be anxiety-inducing for even the very best...

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What is the Difference Between a Career Coach, Mentor & Sponsor?

By Ashley Ziegler on March 22, 2022

Throughout your career, you’ll need the help of various people to help you get ahead and grow. While your talent and skills are essential to helping...

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Microaggressions in the Workplace

By Ashley Ziegler on March 7, 2022

Most of us agree that everyone should feel safe showing up to work every day. It should be a place that is free of hate and harassment, and most...

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Finding Inspiration in a Career Rut

By Ashley Ziegler on February 3, 2022

If you’ve experienced a career rut, you’re likely aware of the feelings that go with it, like discouragement, dissatisfaction, anger, boredom,...

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New Year Career Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2022

By Ashley Ziegler on January 18, 2022

Every January, it’s not at all uncommon to hear talk of making resolutions for the year ahead. Often, the focus is on things like improving your...

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Best Practices for Responding to a Job Offer

By Ashley Ziegler on December 21, 2021

After several interviews, getting a job offer is typically a welcomed occasion while job seeking. Depending on how much you want the job, you might...

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The Importance of Relationship Building with Coworkers

By Ashley Ziegler on December 21, 2021

At a time when we are pushing so hard to create boundaries between work and home, and we know that any job ad that reads “we’re like a family here”...

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Virtual Career Fairs: How to Leave Your Mark

By Ashley Ziegler on December 13, 2021

Attending a career fair is an excellent way for job seekers to meet with recruiters, company representatives, and even hiring managers face-to-face...

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