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Topic: Working Motherhood

A Guide to Unplugging From Work During Maternity Leave

By Ashley Ziegler on April 22, 2021

Before going out on maternity leave, there is so much preparation you have to do to ensure all of your work is covered and nothing gets overlooked...

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When Your New Job Isn’t What You Thought It Would Be

By Ashley Ziegler on April 1, 2021

A lot goes into accepting a job offer, and in most circumstances, it’s not a decision that’s made on a whim. Throughout the interview and...

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Common Myths Moms Tell Themselves About What Professionalism Means

By Ashley Ziegler on March 31, 2021

You already know that motherhood comes with a lot of mom-guilt and that it’s doubled when you’re a mom who works outside the home because you have...

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Working Through Major Life Transitions: Divorce

By Kristin Bustamante on February 4, 2021

Divorce impacts two of the biggest buckets of your life: career and motherhood. In addition to the economic impact of divorce, the emotional...

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Mothers' Rights at Work

By The Mom Project on January 28, 2021

In this virtual session, Daphne Delvaux a.k.a The Mamattorney, shares insight into critical rights that affect working moms. Check out Daphne’s...

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Managing Work and Life Integration

By Tiffany Nieslanik on January 12, 2021

Let’s start by noting that work-life integration is not the same as work-life balance. It isn’t realistic to think that if we were just a little ...

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Need More Job Flexibility? Don’t Request It, Advocate For It

By Ashley Ziegler on December 16, 2020

Whether it’s flexible hours, the option to work from home more often or the ability to take off in the middle of the afternoon to watch a school...

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Creating a Childcare Plan

By Frances Hill on December 10, 2020

The search for childcare can feel akin to the quest for the holy grail—from finding alignment on hours or availability, parenting preferences, the...

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Maternity Leave Checklist

By Tiffany Nieslanik on November 25, 2020

Planning for maternity leave can bring on a wide variety of feelings. Some mothers-to-be feel daunted by the idea of ensuring everything is...

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Managing Pregnancy & Work

By Frances Hill on November 11, 2020

Finding a balance while working when pregnant.

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