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Picture of Emily Wong

Emily Wong

Networking 101

By Emily Wong on January 5, 2021

No matter how much we hear about the value of building meaningful relationships throughout our careers, networking can still feel cringey and...

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Employee Resource Groups (ERG) Guide

By Emily Wong on December 1, 2020

With all of the time and effort you put into your work, it’s natural to crave deeper connections at the office. And while it’s valuable to learn how...

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Writing Your Resume to Sell Your Story

By Emily Wong on November 11, 2020

Out of all of the steps in the job application process, from interview prep to salary negotiations, your resume is the very first thing to grab a...

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Writing the Perfect Post-Interview Thank You Note

By Emily Wong on November 11, 2020

Send a memorable follow-up email that seals the deal.

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