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Ashley Ziegler

New COVID-19 Related Employer Benefits to Look Out For

By Ashley Ziegler on September 24, 2021

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 brought a lot of change to the workplace (not to mention the world in general). As a result, some companies have...

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Best Practices for Leading A Successful Team

By Ashley Ziegler on September 23, 2021

If you’ve been in the workforce for more than a decade, then you have experienced working with various supervisors over the years. Some have been...

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Starting a New Job? Here’s What To Do In The First 90 Days

By Ashley Ziegler on September 23, 2021

Showing up for your first day of work comes with all kinds of excited-nervousness because you’re walking into something completely new. It’s...

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Making the Most of LinkedIn with Networking

By Ashley Ziegler on September 22, 2021

If LinkedIn is known for one thing, it’s job searching. Every minute, four people are hired through the platform, and 81 applications are...

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How to Resign From a Job (The Right Way)

By Ashley Ziegler on September 16, 2021

You’ve come to a point where it’s time to leave your current position, which hopefully means you are excited about whatever comes next. However,...

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Re-entering The Workforce After 40

By Ashley Ziegler on September 13, 2021

Every professional career woman knows that taking an extended career pause, no matter the reason, will likely result in a challenging re-entry....

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Positioning Yourself for a Management Role

By Ashley Ziegler on September 7, 2021

You’ve been steadily progressing your career, and now you’re at a point where you’re ready to take the next step and move into a management role....

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Cover Letter Tips for Every Job Seeker

By Ashley Ziegler on September 2, 2021

How many times have you been busy applying to jobs, come across one that sounds amazing, but opted not to apply at that moment because it required...

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Considering a Career Pivot? These are the Best Jobs & Industries to Go For

By Ashley Ziegler on August 30, 2021

Some people enter an industry or field early in their careers and just thrive and are satisfied to the point where their professional trajectory...

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Conquering the Challenges of Ageism in the Workplace

By Ashley Ziegler on August 26, 2021

When we first entered the workforce, some of us were typecast as the “kid” of the office and often treated like tech support, troubleshooting...

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