Template: How to Write Your ‘Why Me?’ Statement

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Applying for a job opportunity through The Mom Project? One of the first steps in filling out your application is crafting your "Why Me?" statement.

The "Why Me?" statement is a key component of your job applications. Think of this section like a mini-cover letter: The goal here is to briefly explain why you are applying to this specific position and how your experience, enthusiasm and skills relate to the role.

It's a short but powerful section — with a 600 character limit (or about 100 words), it's a natural place to start evaluating candidates. Hence, crafting a great "Why Me?" statement is one of the best chances you have to catch the hiring manager or recruiter’s attention.

Ready to write an attention-grabbing, value-driven “Why Me” statement? Download our "Why Me? Statement Template to organize your experience, choose powerful words and make a strong statement.

⬇️ Download the "Why Me?" Statement Template

Woman typing on laptopAnswering "Why Me?" on Your Job Application

Learn more about what you should (and shouldn't!) include in your "Why Me?" statement when you apply to opportunities through The Mom Project.

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