Checklist: Setting Your Job Search Goals

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If you’ve made the decision to change careers or re-enter the paid workforce, it’s important to find a role that helps you meet both your personal and career goals. In fact, 83% of women say they’re willing to leave a job for a role that better supports their desired workplace criteria.

It’s tempting to jump right into reviewing job postings and sending out your resume. But wait! It’s hard to reach the right destination if you don’t know where you’re headed. Setting your career goals before you begin searching and sticking to them ensures you’re happy with your new career from day one. 

Our Job Search Goals Checklist is designed to help moms make sense of the job search before it begins. Pausing to make a clear wish list for your next role will help you search quickly and efficiently. 

We recommend printing out this checklist and keeping it nearby as you review job postings and chat with recruiters. Keeping your personal career goals front and center helps you avoid applying to jobs that truly aren’t the right fit.  

To set your career search goals, ask yourself questions like:

  • What type of work do I want to do?
  • What is my salary range and what does my ideal compensation package look like?
  • What is my preferred work schedule and workload?
  • Am I open to permanent, contract or project-based work?
  • Do I want to work remotely or on-site?
  • What kind of company culture would make me happy?

Print this Job Search Goals Checklist and start outlining your ideal role. Be specific - the more you understand what will and won’t work for you in your next role, the better you’ll be at evaluating positions and companies to find the right fit. 

Download the Job Search Goals Checklist now

Download the Job Search Goals Checklist

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