Celebrating #BlackMomMagic Together

celebrating #blackmommagic together

During Black History Month, The Mom Project and its Talent Community of 650k+ joined in a collective movement, #BlackMomMagic, to celebrate and lift up Moms and women of color. #BlackMomMagic connected women through two virtual events and social media groups that addressed actionable ways job seekers and hiring partners can come together to drive forth a more equitable workforce. The movement also sparked a passion and openness from the Community to share personal stories of achievement, challenges and growth as they navigate the intricate balance of motherhood and career progression. 

2021 RISE Impact Report: Rising to New Heights Virtual Event

This virtual event put a spotlight on RISE, The Mom Project’s scholarship program that provides access to upskilling technology certifications, and job placement for Moms and women of color. Since its inception in 2020, RISE continues to ensure women and Moms of color achieve their maximum earning potential, access more significant economic opportunities and flourish in their career journey. 

⭐  9/10 attendees LOVED the event

 ⭐  1.2k+ registrations

The Community felt encouraged:

  • “I love The Mom Project, and currently I am in a RISE scholarship Google UX Design Certification program! I am so grateful for this opportunity!” - Karolina M.
  • I love the Mom Project. What a great and generous program! I am in the RISE Salesforce Admin Certificate Program, and I am very excited for this opportunity!” - Dora E.
  • “Thank you so much! This has been very inspiring!” - Kesawan S.

The Voices of Corporate Black Moms

Jackye Clayton, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, and DE&I of Textio and Rocki Howard, Chief People and Equity Officer of The Mom Project, shared a heart-to-heart chat on what it feels like to be both a Black Mom and an executive dedicated to progressing diversity initiatives in the corporate world. 

⭐  9.4/10 attendees LOVED the event 

⭐  830k+ registrations

The Community felt moved:

  • “Yes, I appreciate this conversation because it's also a lesson we can teach our children.”
    - Dana T.
  • “This conversation is so necessary. It's encouraging and inspiring to know we are not alone.”
    - Camille W.
  • “This event was something that I needed. It was truly amazing.” - Sheana P.

“To me, #BlackMomMagic is having the ability to choose your best path to being a mom. This wasn’t an Instagram worthy moment where I felt it all come together when my first daughter was put in my arms, this was a journey that included: understanding and embracing the importance of mental health, tapping into my community for love and support and having a partner that

supports me.”

Rocki Howard, Chief People and Equity Officer, The Mom Project


📖  Learn about Rocki’s incredible journey of #BlackMomMagic in action  

#BlackMomMagic Community Engagement -

Stronger Together

Black Mom Magic_Graphic 5

Black Mom Magic_Graphic 6

Black Mom Magic_Graphic 7

Members shared what #BlackMomMagic means to them and The Mom Project elevated their voices on social media. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “To me, #BlackMomMagic means being an example to my children of what an unstoppable, fearless woman looks like.” - Holly W.
  • “To me, #BlackMomMagic (and moms in general) means simply making it happen! No matter what, eliminating excuses and seeking solutions while allowing others to say ‘I don’t know how you do it.’” - Ashley S. 
  • “#BlackMomMagic is a reminder that my bloodline is filled with resilience, pride and strength. When I have moments of doubting myself as a mom of four, I remember that I am cut from the cloth of strong, Black women.” - Nesha F.

#BlackMomMagic Community Resources - Inspiring, Elevating and Driving Awareness 

#BlackMomMagic brought awareness to serious inequities impacting the workforce of today. The content also highlighted the contributions Black women have made in the corporate world which included stories from amazing corporate leaders like the Head of Global Marketing at Clubhouse and the Managing Director at JPMorgan Chase & Co

Access to the #BlackMomMagic resources can be found here: 

  • Learn what microaggressions are, the impact they have and how to combat them in the workforce.

📖  Microaggressions in the Workplace 

  • Gain insights into the incredible contributions of Black women in the workforce.

📖  The Economic Power & Impact of Black Women & Moms 

  • Hear stories from amazing women who bring #BlackMomMagic to the workplace (and beyond).

📖  #BlackMomMagic at Work 

  • Receive actionable steps employers can take to activate a more equitable workforce.

📖  The Importance of Equitable Workplaces for Women of Color


It’s about more than jobs. We’re making progress.

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