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RALLY is created for community members to connect on-on-one to meet, teach, learn and grow. No set experience is required to join other than a desire to support and champion one another in meaningful ways throughout your career journey. 

Is RALLY right for me? We believe it is. 

You’ll have the opportunity to: 

  • Meet new people and build key relationships to help you grow personally and professionally. 
  • Discover new skills, goals, and potential roadblocks that may be holding you back from your true potential. 
  • Continue to learn from other like-minded community members after sessions, get resume tips, professional advice, and much more. 

No matter what you call yourself today 𑁋 job seeker, return-to-worker, or career pro, discover what matters most to you.

We move forward when we move together. 

Are you a Boostee or Booster?

A few things to keep in mind...

  • To participate in the RALLY program, applicants must have a completed Talent Profile with The Mom Project. All applicants without a Talent Profile will not be matched and notified of their application status. 

  • Applications are reviewed by hand throughout each cohort application period. While we would love to match everyone with a RALLY pairing, our program is currently limited in size, and we are unable to make a match for all applicants. We will be sure to update every applicant of their status for the cohort within which they applied to let them know whether or not their application has been accepted. 

  • Once you apply, you are responsible for meeting with your match at least three times, actively participating in the sessions, and maintaining confidentiality between you and your match for a successful experience. Sessions are one hour in length and take place virtually every month. 

  • RALLY does not guarantee job placements at the end of the program. 

  • We have learned that matches who make the most progress per session and stay committed to the pairing have impactful connections even after program completion. 

  • Read our Code of Conduct before applying. 

Ready to RALLY?


How many community members are in each RALLY cohort?

How are matches selected?

Where is RALLY available?

How will I know when I’m matched?

What's the time commitment?

What if I'm not a mom? Can I apply?

Can I request a match in a specific city / industry / role / etc.?