What is a JobClub Champion?

JobClub Champions are volunteer changemakers helping to rally moms to achieve their next professional step.

When you volunteer as a JobClub Champion, you’ll:

  • Build and discover your leadership style and abilities while giving others the space to find theirs.
  • Be an integral part of helping moms realize their full potential and march towards more jobs for moms with us!
  • Establish new skills while developing exciting activities with your group to make the job search experience positive and fun.
  • Work closely with The Mom Project Community team, grab your seat at the table!
  • Gain experience in community organizing and community engagement.
  • Unlock amazing perks from The Mom Project along the way (because you deserve it!)

As a JobClub Champion, you create the community magic that moms need to thrive by giving them courage, accountability, and a safe place to help them achieve their career goals alongside a small group of like-minded peers. 

What are my responsibilities as Champion?

As a JobClub Champion, you are responsible for building a community space that is safe and engaged; a space where diverse experiences, ideas, questions, and solutions are regularly shared to help advance members throughout their journey of finding a new job.

Responsibilities include:

  • Define, build, and maintain your own JobClub within The Mom Project platform. We’ll provide the tools, you’ll add your own personality to create a unique experience. 
  • Identify, develop, and lead weekly activities and discussions to keep your JobClub members engaged and motivated.
  • Monitor and track the groups’ progress, and share wins in big ways. 
  • Create an engaging and enjoyable experience for all participants. 

You don’t need to be a professional career coach to get started. We’ll make sure that you have the helpful resources you need to get started and feel comfortable facilitating group discussions.

Do you have what it takes to become a JobClub Champion?